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Your Entrepreneur Journey Begins Here

Startup Team


BizBAH! is an entrepreneurial leadership boot camp designed to ​inspire and motivate teenagers regardless of their level of knowledge about entrepreneurship to start and grow their ideas.

Our boot camp provides teenagers with practical hands-on projects which demonstrate the real-world value of what they are learning in school. They will be equipped with essential skills and knowledge to develop their ideas into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) throughout the boot camp.  

Entrepreneurship uniquely teaches:

Recognize Opportunities

Entrepreneurship has always been about identifying and solving pain points.

Solve Problems

Problem-solving is at the core of running a business

Communication and Collaboration

Public speaking skills enhance through talking to customers

Creativity and Innovation

Building a business requires the courage to create something and put it into the world


Confidence and Courage

Fear of failure is something that business owners have to uniquely overcome

Future Orientation and Giving Back

Business owners can look past themselves and understand how their business can help the world

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BizBAH! Entrepreneurial Leadership Boot Camp Details



Cost: RM500.00

Program duration: 12 sessions ( 2 hour per session )

For Teenagers (13-23 years old) only​

All program participants will get:

  • An E-certificate

  • A virtual on-stage sales pitch opportunity 

Who should join ? 

  • Want to learn about entrepreneurship

  • Want to test your idea

  • Love challenges

  • Need help to realize your dream

  • Willing to share your thoughts and idea

  • Want to connect with like minded people

What to expect:

An intense three months of working with experts and coaches and researching the aspects of starting and running a company. You'll receive lots of hands-on learning. For example, you might sit in at a local business’s call center to learn about sales. By the end of the program, you will own a small business.

20% of the net profit from the boot camp will be donated to OOZE CLUB FOUNDATION to organize FREE entrepreneurial workshop to the B40 community.


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