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Turn Trash Into Products

Empower Kids To Start A Business From Plastic Waste

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Collaborator of the month: Happy Plastic

Happy Plastic  is a waste management company that serve the environment and committed to giving back community by buying plastic waste as an additional income to community in Sabah.

For this workshop, Happy Plastic will work with the children to create a product made from recycled plastics.

OOZE works with partners to maximize impact. From idea generation, guidance, building and training our facilitators to make sure workshops are a success.

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Let's unlock your kid's inner entrepreneur!

Date: 3rd April 2022, Sunday  

Time: 8:30AM - 12:30PM

Cost: RM120/ session ( 4hrs workshop + business kit )

For Kidpreneurs (7-12 years old) only​

During the 4 hours workshop, the students will learn to build a business right away and make their own money. Through interactive activities, the Kidpreneurs will

  • Create an actual product based on the theme set in each month

  • Name their business

  • Package their product

  • Determine selling price 

  • Create marketing materials and marketing plan that includes:

    • Facebook Advertising Post – what message? What image? What details?

    • Come up with a “Special Offer” promotion

    • Create their on-stage Sales Pitch

  • Find ways to give back to the community 

All Workshop Participants will get:

* An E-certificate

* A virtual on-stage sales pitch opportunity 

* Student can earn up to RM 30 by selling the product they made for RM 3-5 each to friends and neighbors 

* Free to join monthly "Virtual Kidpreneurs Bazaar" 


20% of the net profit for the workshop will be donated to OOZE CLUB FOUNDATION to help the B40 community to learn the skill of entrepreneurship.

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