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Money Genius

Suitable for kids age: 7 - 12 Years Old

Service Description

Preparing kids and teenagers for future financial challenges begins with understanding earning, spending and saving money. The more financially capable they are, the better off they’ll be in the long run. Are you wondering where the financial education process should begin? #MoneyGenius101 Nearly 65,000 Malaysian youth declared bankruptcy 🤦‍♀️in less than 5 years, if children are not learning financial skills at home and they also do not receive any financial literacy education in school, imagine how this situation can affect your child's future 🤷‍♀️ Children without healthy habits and attitudes about money will be exposed to dangers like overspending, credit card debt, family conflict, and more. .😨 In this program, your child will learn: ✅WEEK 1 Evolution of Money Ownership Where does Money come from ? What can we do with Money ? ( Save , Spend ) ✅WEEK 2 Time is Money Needs Vs Wants My Pocket Money My Ang Pao Money ✅WEEK 3 Smart Buying Habits ( 1 ) Smart Buying Habits ( 2 ) Cost and Profit Budget Planning ✅WEEK 4 What can we do with Money ? ( Earn and Invest ) Auction and Donate Borrow and Payback Money and Ethics In this 1- month program, we will help your child explore the money master within them through exciting games 🎪 and fun sharing 🤸‍♀️ Your child will be inspired to SPEND WISELY, SAVE WITH PURPOSE, SHARE GENEROUSLY and EARN ETHICALLY

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  • 011 2070 7220

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