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Money Habits

How to spend, save and grow money wisely

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OOZE works with partners to maximize impact. From idea generation, guidance, building and training our facilitators to make sure workshops are a success.

Collaborator of the month: 
        Grow the Goose


"Grow the goose" aims to empower Kids to be more Independent, Financially Savvy, Healthier, Active Contributors & World Class Solution Finders.

Nina Othman, founder of "Grow the Goose" - a social enterprise teaching kids how to manage money. She also specialises in children & teens talent discovery and empowerment.


Grow the Goose has held more than 𝟮𝟬𝟲 workshops and empowered over 𝟯𝟬𝟴𝟬 kids and teenagers across Malaysia since 2016.​


Together with “Grow the Goose”, OOZE is running a “Money Habits" workshop for your kids teaching them useful tips on managing their own money.

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Let's raise money savvy kids

Date: 30th April 2022, Saturday 
Time: 9:00AM - 12:30PM
Cost: RM120/ child 
For kids 6-12 years old only​

During this 3.5 hour workshop, they will learn:

  1. DREAMS & GOALS - How to use money to achieve their aspirations

  2. MONEY JAR SYSTEM - Saving using the money jar system

  3. WAYS TO EARN RESPONSIBLY -  By identifying their strengths.

  4. MEET A KIDPRENEUR - The CEO of Koko Loko is an inspiring young Sabahan entrepreneur who’s a real-life example of how kids can realise their dreams at a young age and be successful in their own business.


All Workshop Participants will get:
* An E-certificate


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