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Important Dates

Application:  1 June - 31 July 2022

Selection:  01 Aug - 07 Aug 2022

Judging awards:  August

Awards night:  August

What is OYTA ?

OOZE Young Talent Awards is an event organised by OOZE and partnered with Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre. This program will feature young talent from across Sabah with judging in two categories- kids and youth. Participants are required to produce a 1 minute video sharing their talent in a creative and concise manner.

Kids Category
(Age 6 - 12)

  1. Recognition & trophies

  2. Exclusive interviews 

  3. Fully funded Mini-Boss workshop worth RM200

Youth Category
(Age 13 - 23)

  1. Recognition & trophies

  2. Exclusive interviews

  3. Fully funded Bizbah program worth RM500

  4. Golden ticket to PitchBAH 2022

What can you gain from OYTA ?

Qualifying Criteria

Group 1.png
Group 2.png

1st category: Kids ( 6 - 12yo), 2nd category: Youth (13 - 23 yo)

Group 2.png

Local/international students who currently study in one of Sabah’s education institutes

Group 2.png

Anyone eligible who fulfills criteria 1 and/or 2 and who has a "hidden" talent to show the nation.

Category Selections:
Question Type, Acting & Directing, Art & Drawing, Cooking, Comedian, Dancing, Education, Fashion, Fitness, Innovation, Intelligence, Music, Mathematics, Magician, Photography, Singing, Sports, Social, Science, Technology, Writing & Poetry, Design & Build, Videography, Others…

Getting started with your application

1. Application

This is the first step in the application process where you need to submit a 1-minute video to demonstrate and tell us about your talent.

2. Selection

Applicants will be filtered and selected by the organiser according to a list of requirements and criteria. Organisers will select their Top 100 who will undergo a selection process by industry mentors to then be handpicked as the Top 50 young talent.

3. Judging

Our judges & industry mentors will then select their Top 10. 


4. Awards Day

An unforgettable day to experience the awards that celebrate your success & a chance to meet new friends and form new connections.

How is it judged?

During assessment, videos are filtered out based on the criteria and requirements of the applications.

  • 40%   Votes coming from the majority of likes from the public

  • 60%   Votes coming from industry mentors

Judging Criteria 

Judging 100% Video

  • 40%   Personality : Showcase initiative and ownership values.

  • 30%   Authenticity : Distinctiveness and uniqueness of your content and ideas.

  • 30%   Virality : Clearly communicate content that is relevant to the current trends.

undraw_select_option_re_u4qn 1.png


Know someone who is a young talent?  Or are you one yourself? Don’t miss this chance and  APPLY NOW! Application fees are waived for the first 500 applicants. After that, RM 30 application fee will be charged.

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